Field | 場

Year: 2022-2023

Dimensions: 高63~103cm,數量依場地而定
Height 63~103cm, The number of works depends on the space

Medium: 不銹鋼、黃銅、電子設備、合成紙
Stainless steel, brass, electronic equipment, synthetic paper


Meteorological wind-rose diagrams are often composed of tightly lined pointers that indicate the predicted direction of winds at a location on a particular day, and on this kind of graphical chart, some sort of pattern is observed; there is a statistical routine, or a law of nature, that is noted. This artwork, Field, is inspired by my fascination for the tightly arranged pointers on those diagrams.

This wind-powered artwork presents a medley of unpredictability that can’t be assessed with common logic. Where does the wind come from? What kind of form will it take? A mechanical installation that senses the wind is designed, and it has over a hundred poles erected and attached with blades and then connected to pendulums that rotate along with the passing wind, which then results in ringing chimes of the wind.