Swing Flute #2

搖擺笛#2 | Swing Flute #2

Year: 2021

Dimensions: Ø600 * H350 (cm)

Medium: Stainless steel, galvanized steel pipe, bearing, gear wheel


Size: H350cm,Φ600cm Inspired by the artist’s personal memory, this artwork seeks to transform the audience’s participation into the energy that activates this sound-making machine. Different from conventional single-axel pendulum, the axel that Wang Chung-Kun has designed is a cross shape, which turns this artwork that represents childhood into a new-form of swing that can spin forwards and backwards freely and also left and right. An air-blast baler and flutes are installed at the top, with a total of 72 flutes positioned in a circle on a rotating plate and toned to different pitches based on finger positions. According to the movements of the person sitting on the swing, pre-compiled sound intervals would randomly play. This entertaining process of exploration encourages perceiving sound in a heartfelt way. The artist believes that the various sounds we hear in life may just be endlessly fleeting beautiful elements, if meaning is not attached to what has been heard. However, when something familiar passes by us in life like a gust of wind, even if it’s difficult to describe the sensation, it can, nevertheless, present us with coordinates that can evoke memories for a specific experience we’ve had in the past.