Sound of Wind – 2021 – P

photo by Yaojin
風聽-2021-P | Sound of Wind-2021-P

Year: 2021

Dimensions: Ø150*H120 (cm)

Medium: Stainless, Glass, Wood, DC blower

《風聽 – 2021 – P》為2018年駐村時的變體,藉由三組風車轉動環繞一圈的笛子,輕輕吹奏著如鳥鳴的聲響。掌握這種看不見卻又迷人的力量,氣流的擾動,透過輕盈的扇葉將其捕捉,隨風搖晃地驅使著樞紐改變了聲音在空間的出現。

Series Sound of Wind, which harnesses the mesmerizing power of the wind to create an organic soundscape. His installations respond to the disruptions of air flow in the exhibition space, using delicately light fan blades, swaying with the air current and converting this invisible energy into various sounds. Wang seeks to create a unique visual and sound experience, pushing the possibilities of sound art.

Sound of Wind – 2021 – P is a variant of his series of works developed from his time as artist in residence at BankART 1929, Yokohama in 2018. The installation features three sets of blades, which rotate like a windmill, channeling air around a circle of flutes, creating a gentle birdsong-like whistle. Sound of Wield – 2021 – P consists of several wing-like standing structures, which create a crisp sound driven by lever movement and air flow.