2009 Kong.Qi #2 | 空.器 #2

2009 Kong.Qi #2 空.器 #2

壓克力、電磁閥、IC、感應器 20 x 15 x 340 cm



「空.器 #2」即是放大此類經驗感受,利用十二個垂直排列的電磁氣閥作為吹氣與發聲的機關,經過紅外線測距感測器的物體因遠近不同的距離可觸發並改變十二個氣閥的發聲節奏。直接使用空氣作為一種相較於聲音更有質量的感觸,給與親近的觀眾一種輕拂且幽默的攻擊。

This device is the second version of “Kong.Qi”, which is created to find other possible ways to discuss the human’s sense toward sound apart from hearing.

Sound is produced from vibration, and is transmits through specific mediums, ‘air’ is the premier medium to human’s hearing, but, from daily life experience, we are able to find out we are able to sense the sound not only from hearing, when experiencing the ground shaking caused from a passing by heavy truck, as well the low frequency sound produced in the concert, our body can also be a medium to sound.

“Kong.Qi #2” is exactly designed to increase this sort of sense, there are twelve electromagnetic valves arranged vertically, which are used to sense blowing and voicing, through the infrared-rays sensor, twelve valves can change the tempo of voicing. The idea is to use the air to produce a direct sense of feeling that is stronger than what the sound can offer along, and to give the audients a sort of smooth yet humour attack.